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Discover the power of soothing Lavender, Green Tea, Chamomile and Seaweed! Your after sun, too dry, ouchie skin friend!

In the fast-paced world we live in, our skin is often exposed to various stressors, from environmental pollutants to the daily grind of work and play. It’s no wonder that our skin sometimes cries out for a little TLC.  Think botanical solution and

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Discover the Benefits of Jordan Essentials Dead Sea Salts

When it comes to relaxation and self-care, few things compare to a soothing bath. Adding Dead Sea salts to your bath can elevate the experience, providing a range of benefits for your skin and overall well-being. Jordan Essentials Dead Sea Salts, infused

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Creating a Stress-Free 4th of July for Your Pets

The 4th of July is a time for celebration, but for our pets, the excitement and noise can be overwhelming. Fireworks, parties, and unfamiliar sounds can cause significant stress. Here’s a detailed guide to help you keep your furry friends calm and safe

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Lemon Essential Oil – Learn with Nancy!

🍋 It’s Lemon Essential Oil Class Day with Nancy Bogart, CEO & Founder and NAHA Certified AromatherapistIf you know me, you know I absolutely LOVE lemon! 🍋✨ Who else is a lemon fan?Let’s say it together: “Uplift my soul!”

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The Essential Role of Sleep in Well-being and Wellness

Sleep is often undervalued in today’s fast-paced world, seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. However, sleep is a critical component of our well-being and overall wellness. Far from being a passive activity, sleep is a dynamic process that affects

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National Handwashing Awareness Week Dec. 5 – 11, 2023

Welcome to National Handwashing Awareness Week, where a simple act holds the key to unlocking a world of wellness! From December 5th to 11th, we celebrate the power of clean hands in preventing illness and fostering a healthier community. In this blog

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Annya’s Story – Special education helps people of all abilities bloom!

Meet our BEAUTIFUL model, Annya!Annya is the daughter of Founder Nancy Bogart. She is part of a dedicated home office team comprised of individuals with special needs, who play an essential role in creating our products and filling orders. Chances are

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Know Your Boo Bees 2023!

Boooo…the facts about breast cancer are not fun. The topic hits close to home for many of us. When we stop for a moment and look around, we see our loved ones—our best friends, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, and even our daughters’

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Empowering Women Around the World With Renewed Hope

In an impromptu and heartfelt conversation between two long-time friends, Nancy Bogart and Gretchen Huijskens, the collaboration project between their companies, Jordan Essentials and Trades of Hope, was born. With their shared passion for empowering

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Lessons in Lavender

Lessons in Lavender: Lavender, with its enchanting scent and centuries-old legacy, is one of the most cherished essential oils in the world. From ancient Persia to modern-day aromatherapy, lavender has stood the test of time, earning its reputation as

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Fun Facts about Skin Care

Let’s play did you know Skin Facts!🌟 Have you ever thought about how incredible your skin truly is? Let’s dive into some fascinating skin facts: Did you know🌼 Largest Organ: Your skin is your body’s largest organ, serving as

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Unveiling the Beauty Benefits of Activated Charcoal in Skincare: A Closer Look at Jordan Essentials’ Clean Offerings

Unveiling the Beauty Benefits of Activated Charcoal in Skincare: A Closer Look at Jordan Essentials’ Clean OfferingsIn the ever-evolving world of skincare, new ingredients and innovations emerge regularly, but some age-old remedies continue to stand

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