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Tell me more about Jordan Essentials. What do you mean by Healthy Skin - Healthy Life?
We are so much more than a bath and body store to your door. People are very conscious about what they eat, but what about your skin? For most of us, we use many more ingredients in a day than we can possibly eat, so it is time to think about the skin you are in. We are committed to natural, non-toxic ingredients that give you healthy skin for a healthy life. That healthy life also includes time with friends as one of our amazing hostesses or the healthy life being a JE Consultant can bring.
What does it mean to be an Essential Consultant with Jordan Essentials?
As an Essential Consultant with Jordan Essentials, you have the opportunity to run your own business alongside whatever else is already a priority in your life. Unlike starting your own company, which typically requires a large investment of time and money, you can get started for a small investment you can make back right away. And you will have all of the tools and training you need to market a product line that is on-trend and in-demand.
As a consultant, you are an entrepreneur who can choose to market your business in a variety of ways; through in-home parties, social media events, fundraisers, vendor events, and personal one-on-one servicing. Since your business is your own, you will get out of it what you put into it. You’ll be recognized and rewarded just for sharing Jordan Essentials’ amazing products and opportunities.
How soon can I start making money? How much money can I make?
One of the benefits of joining Jordan Essentials as an independent consultant is that you are instantly in business. As soon as you join online you will have a personal website and the ability to market your business. As soon as orders are placed, your personal commission is deposited into a virtual wallet that you set up with us. The commissions in your wallet can be used to place orders or transferred to any bank account at any time for no charge. Bonuses and overrides that you earn are deposited in your virtual e-wallet around the 5th of the following month.

Consultants earn 25-35% commission on their personal sales volume and the percentage is based on the number of sales submitted in a calendar month. For example, by submitting $1500 in sales volume (one $375 event per week) - you would earn $450 (30%). If you submitted two $375 events per week, you would earn $1,050 (35%).

You also have the opportunity to earn additional overrides and bonuses simply by helping others do what you do. Should you choose to build a team, you will earn 3-12% overrides on their sales volume. So you have the opportunity to increase your commission in a variety of ways.

Results are an example and not a promise of income. Results may vary but the facts of the compensation plan are for anyone.
What is the initial investment to become a consultant?
To become a consultant, just choose one of our New Consultant Kits for either $49 or $99. The New Consultant Kit includes products and supplies to get you started.
The starter kits include a comprehensive training program with new consultant bonuses to get you off to a great start!

Included in your enrollment is a 3-month personal website subscription that allows your customers to order from you 24/7.

After 3 months, the website subscription is $10 a month.

You can cancel this subscription at any time and return to customer status.
Where are your products made and are they organic?
Jordan Essentials uses the best most natural and beneficial ingredients possible that are always non-toxic. The manufacturing facility is located in Nixa, Missouri at the home office headquarters. Some ingredients come from around the world just as Dead Sea Salts and some of the essential oils from their indigenous locations. Many ingredients are organic but all are safe and non-toxic, pesticide-free.
What if I don’t know a lot about skincare products or essential oils?
If you care about healthy skincare, learning about Jordan Essentials products is very easy. We have a full library of product ingredients, educational videos, and most importantly a community of consultants who share testimonies of the benefits of our products. The beneficial stories will warm your heart and help you share them with others. You do not need to become a chemist or professional aromatherapist to be a success, you just need to care about healthy skin and share the benefits with others.
What kind of guarantees and customer service support do you provide?
One of the best things about being a Jordan Essentials Consultant and Consumer is trying something before you buy it at one of our spa and wellness parties or a one on one event with your sponsor. If something does not work you can return in 30 days for an exchange for another great product color, fragrance or totally different products. The customer support service team is ready to help with a full back office message center, call center, and support documents.
What if I don’t know a lot of people?
One of the benefits of direct sales is that there are a variety of ways to build your business and make new connections. For example, participating in a vendor event or a networking group is a great way to meet people in your area. When you host live and online events, you can also encourage guests to bring a friend. In our training programs, we give you all of the tools and ideas you’ll need to launch your business successfully. Meeting new people is one of the benefits of being a JE consultant!
What kind of training and support do you provide?
Consultants have the opportunity to participate in a number of training programs and have access to a library of resources. You will also be supported by your leaders and the home office team. Our training and coaching team has programs in place to help you reach whatever you wish to gain from your business. We also offer monthly specials and incentives, including a new consultant rewards program called Jump Start. In this program, you have the opportunity to earn free products in addition to your commission.
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