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10 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil That You’ll LOVE


If you’re like us, when you hear the word “lavender” you immediately think of that delicate floral aroma that instantly soothes both the body and mind. What’s more calming than the distinctive scent of Lavender Essential Oil?

While lavender has become almost synonymous with relaxation and its signature pleasing hue of purple, its uses and benefits are actually limitless! Did you know that Lavender Essential Oil has antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing, AND healing properties?

It’s so much more than a pretty scent! Here’s a handy list of some of our favorite ways to use Lavender Essential Oil:

1. First Aid Kit Go-To: It’s Lavender Essential Oil to the rescue! With its antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, Lavender Essential Oil is a great edition to your First Aid kit! You can use it minor scrapes, cuts, and rashes to clean them, stop bleeding, and/or kill bacteria. We recommend adding a few drops to our JE Naturally Unscented lotion for use on your kiddos’ bumps and scrapes.

2. Pet Stain Deodorizer: We love our furry friends, but sometimes Felix and Fido can have an accident or two, leaving your furniture and floors with unpleasant odors and stains. Combining a handful of baking soda and a few drops of Lavender EO can naturally deodorize these mishaps. Just rub the mixture on the affected area, let sit for a few minutes, and vacuum clean.

3. Scalp and Skin Conditions: Adding Lavender Essential Oil to your shampoo can do wonders for eliminating dandruff and a few drops mixed with JE Naturally Unscented Lotion (Seriously, what can’t you do with a good unscented lotion?!) placed topically on a patch of eczema or dermatitis or dry, chapped skin can clear it right up, soothing any pain, redness, and dryness.


4. Allergy Relief: Who among us doesn’t dread allergy season? With a little Lavender Essential Oil, you won’t have to let Hay Fever keep you from enjoying the great outdoors! Add a few drops of Lavender EO to a diffuser to relieve itchy, runny nose, itchy eyes, and puffy skin. Don’t have a diffuser? Try a spritz of Lavender Essential Oil Spray around your home or on your pillow.

5. Anti-Nausea Aid: Nothing throws a wrench into a vacation like becoming nauseous on your flight, cruise ship, or road trip. The next time you feel yourself getting a case of motion sickness, ditch the Dramamine (and the drowsiness that comes with it!) and instead, reach for the Lavender EO. Mix a few drops with some coconut oil and rub behind your ears or around your belly button for instant relief from nausea and motion sickness.

6. Bug Bite Remedy: With those hot summer evenings (and, let’s be honest: even the mornings and afternoons) come the pesky mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies. Applying Lavender Essential Oil Spray or Roll On to bug bites and stings can stop itching and reduce redness and swelling so you can get back to enjoying our outdoor summer fun!

7. Natural Fabric Refresher: A few drops of Lavender Essential Oil combined with cool, distilled water can make the ideal all-natural fabric spray, perfect for refreshing furniture, upholstery, mattresses, and much more! Combine your mixture in a spray bottle and mist the odors away! Add a few drops of Lavender EO to a cloth or a dryer ball and put it in the dryer for a quick and natural way to freshen your laundry!

8. Cold and Flu Remedy: Once the weather cools down and we all head back indoors, it’ll be that time of year again! Beat the cold and flu season by combining a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil to boiling hot water. Inhale the vapors from your mixture to clear congestion and open up your airways.

9. Headache Reliever: Instead of reaching for your favorite over-the-counter headache medicine, take a more natural approach to headache pain by combining a few drops of Lavender EO with a carrier oil like coconut oil on your temples. Looking for something a little less messy? Try JE Headache Herbal Blend Roll On for some instant relief!

10. Sunburn Relief: It helps with cuts and scrapes, and it works on sunburns too! Lavender EO mixed well with some aloe gel or coconut oil make a great topical remedy. And don’t forget, combining Lavender Essential Oil with our Unscented Lotion makes a great sunburn remedy for both you and your little ones!

There you have it. This is just a small sampling of all the countless ways to use Lavender Essential Oil beyond a relaxation aid. We didn’t really need another reason to love Lavender EO, but it sure is nice to have some! If you want to add Lavender EO to your everyday routine, connect with your favorite JE consultant today!

Jordan Essentials does not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure anything. Information provided is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Contact your healthcare provider with specific concerns. Not endorsed by the FDA.



The lavender story begins in 1910 when René-Maurice Gattefossé plunged his hand into a vat of lavender oil after suffering a severe burn. He was amazed at how quickly, and with minimal scarring, the burn healed. His story spread and elevated lavender to its prominent position as the go-to essential oil for burns.

We don’t know about you but minor cuts and burns happen all the time all summer long.  No need to watch your family  suffer with Lavender Essential Oil in your Mom bag of remedies.  Lavender is an “essential” (pun intended) oil for busy families during the summer months.

Cool it down! It is true that Lavender Essential Oil is fantastic for minor burns, including sunburn and windburn. To start the cooling and healing process quickly, mix one or two drops of Lavender Essential Oil with a quarter-size amount of your favorite unscented lotion like JE Skin Relief, and gently apply to the affected area.  The lavender will immediately begin cooling and soothing. Skin Relief will help nourish the skin back to health.

Want a quick spritz and premix?  Lavender Essential Oil Spray is safe to spray directly on the skin for that instant, soothing effect.  It is perfectly diluted for use around the home, car, or workplace.

Summer on-the-go stress freaking you out just thinking about it?  Lavender Essential Oil takes care of that too. It is calmness in a bottle! Enjoy its relaxing properties by placing a drop or two on a cotton ball, hold it gently in your hands, raise up to your nose and inhale! Ahhhh….the aroma fills your nose and calms your spirits!  You can take on anything summer can dish out!

Well…maybe not quite everything! If you get a little too energetic with playing in the park, exercising or yard work, tight and sore muscles can benefit from lavender essential oil also.  Partner lavender with Magnesium and you have the one-two punch. Jordan Essentials has made this easy with our premixed Lavender Magnesium Spray. This spray is diluted to be sprayed directly on the skin and is ideal for those hard to reach places like between the shoulders and lower back.

Moms can mix their own Lavender Magnesium lotion. Take a drop or two of Lavender Essential Oil and add it to five pumps of Naturally Unscented Magnesium Lotion, gently mix and apply to the sore muscle area. Fast relief is on the way!

Feel good knowing there are alternatives like Lavender Essential Oil that can be used by the whole family in a variety of ways.

Connect with your Jordan Essentials consultant today about adding Lavender Essential Oil to your next order. Be Mom summer ready!

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