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Pamper Your Purse with a JE Makeover

They are an extension of ourselves.  They offer practical use, sentimental benefits, and serve us well.  They carry our lives…our identity, our finances, photos of our family, necessities, and traces of where we have been.  I am talking about our Purses.


What does your purse look like?  Are you a minimalist purse person who basically just carries a pocketbook?  Are you a Prepared Mama with a larger purse that most men can barely even lift?  Or are you somewhere in between? Is your purse tattered, worn, and well loved? Or is it the latest style?  Do you stick with just one tried and true purse or do you have a closet full that you cycle through depending on the outfit or mood?

Regardless of where you lie in your purse personality, it may be time to give your purse a makeover.  Even our purses need a little TLC (tender loving care) from time to time to reward them for all the hard work they do for us!  Is it time for you to Pamper Your Purse? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Empty out all the trash, gum wrappers, kleenex, old receipts, and other unnecessary items that clutter the inside.  Be sure to check all pockets and crevices in your bag.

  2. Temporarily remove all other items from your purse and assess what really needs to stay and what could be removed to “lighten the load.”

  3. While your purse is completely empty, spray interior with Jordan Essentials Resistance Essential Oil Spray to sanitize and freshen the inside.Resistance-EO-Spray_SMALL.png

  4. Stay organized with larger purses by placing similar items in smaller satchels.  Makeup bags, decorative cash bags, lipstick cases, and other small totes work great at making it easier to find what you need quickly in a larger purse.

  5. Be sure to include a Jordan Essentials Lotion or JE Lotion Bar, your favorite JE Essential Oils (Roll On Blends are the perfect size and formula for on-the-go use), Magnesium Stick, and Lip Butters/Lip Balms in your purse so you are ready for just about anything!

  6. Add a carabiner clip or clasp to quickly find your keys.

  7. Contact your Jordan Essentials Consultant to schedule a Pamper Your Purse Party and share the fun with your friends!

Add a Carabiner Clip to find your keys.
Add a Carabiner Clip to find your keys.

A few Jordan Essentials “must-have’s” for your purse include:

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